Double the Speed of a ASP.NET and SharePoint Websites!

I recently began helping a company market and sell a new product that is selling faster than they could have imagined.  The product is called Aptimize Website Accelerator from

• Aptimize Software ( is a start-up with a software product that doubles the speed of SharePoint 2007 websites and intranets instantly with no code changes no extra hardware.
• Our next version is even better, and we will guarantee: “Double your SharePoint speed or your money back”
• CEO Ed Robinson is in Seattle the week beginning 8 June, and is available to personally demo the product and see if there are partnership opportunities where we can help you improve the speed of your customers SharePoint implementations

How it works
Web servers produce web pages in under a second, yet it can take 10, 20 or 30 seconds for a browser to load the page.
• This is because HTML pages are “chatty” – requiring multiple round trips to the server to load each page resource: HTML, images, scripts, and style sheets.
• This resource loading contributes 80%-90% to the page load time.
• Aptimize RPO turns “chatty” pages into “chunky” pages.
• RPO merges resource files together. For example: multiple script files are combined into a single file, multiple style sheets are merged into a single style sheet, images are composed into an image mosaic.
• This process reduces the number of HTTP round trips more than 50%, and halves page load times.
• The product works instantly. After a simple installation on the server every page is dynamically optimized and speed is immediately doubled.

About Aptimize
Aptimize Software ( is a privately held New Zealand company and a leader in automated website performance tuning. Aptimize’s patent-pending flagship product RPO is available for SharePoint, ASP.NET and other Microsoft IIS web sites and intranets.
After six months in business, about half our customer base is SharePoint 2007 with SharePoint customers including Allergan, Wolters Kluwer, Microsoft, Fidelity National Financial, Reckitt Benckiser, Turners Auctions, Mainfreight, Landcorp, National Business Travel Association, Queensland Government, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Landcare Research,

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